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  • Are you looking for your next career opportunity?
  • Would you like access to all jobs, all the time?
  • Do you want job offers delivered to your Smart Phone?
  • Would you like to impress employers with a video resume?
  • Do you want your job posting consistently refreshed?
  • Would you like direct access to suitable candidates?
  • Would you like to view candidates’ resumes, video resumes and profiles instantly?
  • Do you want to find the right person and fill your position for free?
Job Seeker – Find job vacancies in the US and Canada

Find your job by taking a different approach in your job search. The first step in this direction is gaining full access to real time job listings and being visible to employers. ACareerJob, a free job finder app, offers a constant stream of current job opportunities, links to apply directly to the employer and two resume up-load options. Use the quick resume up-load or, for greater job finding success, upload an enhanced profile and video resume. Download the free iPhone, Android or Blackberry app now and get started with your online job search for career opportunities in the US and Canada, free of charge.

Employer/HR Professional – Post employment opportunities for free

Considering the value of your time, you need to be efficient in managing your job postings as well as in choosing suitable candidates. ACareerJob, a free, job vacancies app, continuously refreshes and rotates its real-time, job postings ticker. Your job listing will always be visible. Gain instant, direct access to current, updated applicants. This job finder app provides quick access to job seekers’ resumes, video resumes and full profiles for you to match against your criteria as well as quick links to contact the applicant directly. Download the free job vacancies app for any phone OS including iPhone, Android and Blackberry and post job vacancies online for free.

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